Our way of working

S&B offers the best part-time accounting,bookkeeping and VAT related services on the market because this is our only focus. We have also developed a Four-step process that creates success for our customers and guarantees the same high quality of work every time.

Step 1 : Building the Foundation

We begin by capturing the required financial information without being overly burdensome when doing the bookkeeping.  We also bring structure to the way data is collected and filed, so that your administration is always up to date and organized. After all, without proper organization, there is no way that the accounting can be done properly, and in the end, that is why S&B is here. You will be surprised to see how this sturdy framework will have an impact on the other aspects of your business as well.

Step 2 : Bookkeeping

Foundation in place, S&B will begin the actual work of bookkeeping. Our staff can come to your office, but you can also send us the information by email or courier and we will handle our tasks in our own office. Either way, our trained staff will turn out accurate results – the foundation established in Step 1 means there is no space for errors. Our strict procedures mean that we offer accurate bookkeeping, and that we can give you whatever information you need, whenever you need it.  

Step 3 : Reports

We know how important it is for you to have a clear idea about your financial position at all times, which is why we work with you to develop reports that can be easily read and that allow you to manage your business in the best way possible. We only show you what you need to know so that you can focus on the numbers that really matter. S&B goes beyond the standard report; our reports really highlight how your business if performing, which means you can track changes and developments in real-time. 

Step 4 : VAT Compliance

At S&B Accounting we analyse the applicability of VAT to your company and ensure that proper VAT procedures are followed and documents are maintained. We file VAT returns on a timely manner and ensure that there is no lapse in the VAT compliance in the company.



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