What we do

S&B offers complete bookkeeping and accounting solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. This singular focus allows us to offer you the best service and quality available in the market. 

Bookkeeping and accounting

Right from the beginning, we discuss all of the possible financial reports you might need, which ensures that you receive exactly what you request. And we file everything in such a way that your days of frantic searching are over.

We record all of your financial transactions and can provide you with the correct and required reports whenever you need them. And whether you would like us to work from an available desk in your office or work from our own offices (once you provide us with all of the necessary documents), our flexible team of accountants is happy to do what is most convenient for you.

Setting up accounting software

S&B’s services rely on Tally accounting software, which offers the widest range of services for the small and medium sized businesses. That’s why we are happy to install it for all of our customers. Already have accounting software? No problem; we can convert it to Tally very easily.

Audit facilitation

Audits are never a hassle with S&B, because we work with a partner company to handle the details. Particularly when we are already handling your accounting, audits are easily taken care of and cost-effective. Even if you already have an accountant, S&B can still handle any of your auditing needs. 

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